Executive Search and Headhunting

Executive search and headhunting are specialised recruitment services that help organisations find and hire the best talent, typically for unique and senior-level positions. It is the most proactive way of recruitment, where executive search recruiters identify and approach potential candidates to introduce the details of the role in focus.

A-HR.pro has a team of recruiters skilled in executive search and headhunting in a wide range of industries and geographies. We have a deep understanding of the executive search specifics and a network of relationships with top candidates. We work with our clients to develop a search strategy tailored to meet their specific requirements.

Key features of Executive Search and Headhunting by A-HR.pro:

Target candidate portrait definition

A-HR.pro works closely with the clients to define a clear and concise target candidate profile. This includes identifying the candidate’s skills, experience, personality traits, and fit with the client’s company culture and values.

Candidate motivation profile

We understand that different candidates are motivated by different factors. We take the time to understand each candidate’s individual motivations and goals. This helps us to identify the right candidates for the role and to develop a compelling value proposition.

Target experience

A-HR.pro has an understanding of the experience required for different executive roles. We also have a network of top candidates with relevant experience so we can identify and approach candidates who may not be actively looking for a new role.

Driving negotiations and job offer preparation

We are here to support our clients in driving negotiations and preparing job offers. We work with our clients to develop a competitive offer tailored to the candidate’s motivation, needs and expectations.

Guarantee Replacement

We are confident in our skills to find the right candidate for you and we offer a guarantee for our service.

Dedicated recruitment manager to support the journey

Each of our clients is assigned a dedicated recruitment lead who is responsible for overseeing the entire search process. Our managers are experts in executive search and are committed to helping our clients find the best talent possible.

Efficient communications and quick response time

We also work with our clients to develop a realistic timeline for the search process.

We keep our clients updated on the status of the search process throughout with regular and transparent reporting.

We are also responsive to our client’s questions and concerns.

Fact-Based Decision Making

We make all of our decisions based on data and evidence. We use a variety of methods to identify and assess candidates, including interviews, reference checks, and psychometric testing.

Additional Services

A-HR.pro can offer market analysis for the target segment/position.

We also provide coaching, guidance and support to our clients throughout the negotiation process.

A-HR.pro offers a wide range of services to meet your specific needs. We are committed to helping our clients find the best talent aiding their business growth and success. Contact us to learn more about our services and to discuss your specific project.

Questions? Let’s find a solution together.

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