Employer brand and HR consulting

A-HR.pro can help you develop and implement an attractive employer brand strategy. Your employer brand – is what sets you apart from other companies and makes your company interesting for the candidates. A well-developed employer brand can help you engage top talent, reduce employee turnover, and boost employee morale.

A-HR.pro can help you develop an employer brand based on your company’s culture and values that will be authentic and resonate with your target audience. We will help you to create a communication strategy promoting your employer brand to potential and current employees. We can also conduct a reputation analysis of the labour market’s perception of your Company, measure the effectiveness of your employer brand and suggest relevant adjustments.

A-HR.pro also offers a wide range of HR consulting services to help you with all aspects of your HR needs. We can help you with:

Recruitment and onboarding

We can help you to develop and implement an effective recruitment process, and then onboard new employees in a way that makes them feel welcomed and valued.

Performance management

We can help you to create a performance management system that is fair and efficient, and that helps your employees to develop and grow.

Talent development

We can help you identify and develop your high-potential employees, create a succession plan for your key roles, and build a personnel reserve.

HR analytics

We can help you collect and analyze HR data and make informed decisions about your workforce based on internal benchmarks and market trends, including HR budgeting and wages market overview.

Employee value proposition (EVP)

We can help you tailor a unique compensation and benefits package that is competitive and attractive to your employees in return for their skills, capabilities and experience.

Employee relations

We can help you to create a positive work environment, resolve disputes, and improve employee morale.

A-HR.pro’s team of experienced HR consultants can help you with all aspects of HR consulting and employer brand management. Contact us to learn more about how A-HR.pro can help your business.

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